5 Disadvantages of working night shift.

5 Disadvantages of working night shift.

Lately, I’ve been really busy as I started working in a call center. I was excited cuz finally I can be able to learn and earn money. I didn’t mind when we were told to work night shift but the thing is, we’re not working in a shifting schedules. I am from Philippines so basically we are working during American time. It wasn’t hard at first but later on you feel you get too sleepy and not having too much energy working at night.


1. Dark circles – I mean dark circles under your eyes πŸ˜‚. Even I get a lot of sleep during the day, dark circles won’t go away easily. I have natural dark circles but it got worse when I started working.

2. Pimples – pimples are starting to popping out but fortunately in my case, I am too careful these days as I suffered acne before. I tried so hard to take good care with my breakouts and tries so hard to eat less oily foods etc,.

3. Energy loss – like what I said even you get a lot of sleep. It’s still better to work during daytime. Based on my experience, I get a little bit less excited esp when the surrounding is so quiet..less people walking around, I go to work while most people are on their way home.

4. Sleep – sleep habits changed drastically. Most of my co-workers were having a hard time sleeping during day time cuz their body still hasn’t used to it. In my case, oh gosh I sleep right away but lately I had troubles sleeping straight. On and off sleeping sucks.

5. You get sick easily – yes that’s right! You get sick easily compared to working in a normal schedule. I’ve been trying so hard to look after myself but sometimes you can’t escape the consequences. I normally eat 3 times a day of course but nowadays, considering I’m asleep from 7am-6pm..I can only be able to eat when I woke up and during break time at work. The interval of my eating habit changed a lot. I get a bit sicky when it comes to that.

I’m not complaining about my schedule but it’s the reality. Do I wish to work daytime? Of course I do and I hope I will in the future.

I have so much respect to those working at night. It isn’t easy. The fact that you are carrying the stress and pressure in your shoulder at work. Keep going!

Half of my Heart β€

Half of my Heart β€

All I think is you,

You captured My heart

What should I do?

I’m torn into pieces of not being with you.

Days goes by, I like you even more,

I love you even more.

Is it possible to love you this much?

Why am I missing you so much?

One of my dreams is being with you.

Half of my heart is for you.

Dedicated to: Mr. G

Be yourself.

Be yourself.

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy these days but blogging didn’t leave me at all 😊. I was a bit bothered as I wanted to post again but at the same time I was distracted with a lot of things.

Since last year, I have been with a lot of interviews and at first I didn’t know what are the process of being interviewed, what are the questions and how to act like a professional without showing your nervousness in front of interviewer. I asked tons of people about tips during interviews so I could prepare, most of them said just “Be yourself”. It didn’t really sink in to me well because I knew I was being myself. Until I kind of tired hearing same advice all over again.

I had interview months ago together with another applicants. It was nerve-racking. I think interviews are kind of scary when you are so serious of getting a job. So, we were interviewed and yes I answered the questions that were being asked and so the other applicants. The thing is you don’t have to pretend just to impress the interviewer. If you don’t know some things that are related to the position you are applying to, just be honest. Showcase what you got and not try to be Mr or Miss knowing it all because most interviewer are likely to look for someone who has the positive attitude as well as the skills that can benefit the company.

I was asked with questions that I had no idea and when I don’t know a right answer I would just simply say “I’m not familiar with that or I have knowledge about that”.

PS. If you have job interviews in the future just be yourself and practice. Practice all the possible questions and try not to be anxious. You’ll get there 😁.

Honest Review: Witch Hazel facial mist

Honest Review: Witch Hazel facial mist

Using a facial mist can boost your beauty with two spritz when you are in a tropical country or in a cold weather, staying in the office for long hours and traveling that makes your skin very thirsty. If you have a dry skin, oily skin, sensitive or even combination, facial mists is good for you. Facial mists is versatile: you can use it before applying make up, for make up setter, reduce the irritation for sensitive skin, re-hydrate the dry skin, mattify an oily skin and gives you a refreshed looking. I was trying to find facial mists online and found tons of them. Ranging from the branded ones to the cheapest. First, I was focusing on the ingredients of the product as I have started to use organic skin care. It took me a while to decide which brand should I get. When you buy a skin care through online, one of the things you do is check the ingredients and reviews. I stumbled this very cheap that has a lot of good reviews.

Witch Hazel Facial Mist costs around $5.10 or 265 pesos for 100ml bottle.

About the product:

It is claimed that it soothes skin and refreshes skin. According to BeautyMNL;

  • calms, clarifies and hydrates witch hazel water and tea tree extract;
  • refines skin tone and texture with vitamin c and lemon extract;
  • helps relieve inflammation and rid skin bacteria;
  • infused with bright and clean citrus notes for a fresh fragrance.

HONEST Review:

I have never used a facial mist before and I had no idea about their functions. Recently, I was searching about it as I have an oily skin that annoys me every single day, it’s either I’m in a room with an AC or having a very humid day. I bought one through BeautyMNL and tried it myself if it is effective just like what they claim to be or is it just a lip service to attract buyers. It was delivered to me 4 days ago early in the morning. I immediately washed my face carefully and sprayed 3 times on my face. I noticed it felt refreshing, cooling sensation and it has a mild powdery citrus smell that suits my taste. Dang girl! After 2 hours of waiting to check what my face looks like, it looked refreshed, dewy and natural. Based on my experience, it reduced the oiliness on my face and doesn’t have that greasy feeling when you touch it. My skin was smooth and the pimple marks even get lighter. It is indeed effective! I was hesitant about the product because a lot of products online contained a lot flowery words that can catch attention to the buyers. I’m very addicted to this facial mist, I use it after I shower and I even added this for my night skin care routine. The packaging is simple but not a travel friendly as it comes in with a glass bottle. You can refill to a smaller bottle if you have one and if you want to bring this product with you in your travel.


  • Refreshing and cooling citrus scent
  • Good make up setter
  • Dewy and natural finished
  • Reduce oil production


  • Glass bottle – it is heavy to carry in purse.

PS. I will totally repurchased this facial mist in the future. It’s addictive!

DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored post! I bought the product with my own money πŸ™‚



Undying Optimism.

Undying Optimism.

Even how hard life knock you down but still your mindset is pretty much positive, I salute you. I, myself is very optimistic with everything even those things that is a little bit unclear, still, I still keep going and believing that everything I’ve dreamed of will happen. Life isn’t that easy to deal with. Lift your hands and pray ❀

PS. Don’t stop believing πŸ™‚.

Exfoliator for oily skin.

Exfoliator for oily skin.

I’ve been struggling with acne for the past 3 years, it started when I gained weight excessively back in 2015. It wasn’t that bad and I didn’t mind back then if I get breakouts or not. I’m a person that is only contented with just a facial soap, toner and a cream. Trust me, I was so lazy to follow beauty regimen and very inconsistent due to my studies but of course that is not an excuse. Looking good was not my priority πŸ˜‚. My pimples got worse when I had my OJT and my thesis study because I had sleepless nights but still I didn’t really mind. Until I looked myself in the mirror and felt like my face was totally a disaster. I had a lot of breakouts and dark spots which made me feel a bit insecure and I promised myself to fix it when I finished my studies. I used several products to minimize my breakouts and pimple marks but didn’t work out to my skin.

Recently, I found this Exfoliator from Avon as my mom has been a huge fan of avon since when I was just a little girl.

Image by: Avon Ph

So I tried this Natural Lime Peeling Exfoliator to lessen my pimple marks. This product cost around $2.69 or 139 PHP. According to the description of this product this is an alcohol free, instant whitening and exoliates without irritating your skin. It can remove light make up and suitable to all types skin. Lime has citric acid that helps skin lighter.

Directions to use:

1. Apply a small amount all over dry face.

2. Massage gently in a circular motion all over face for 30 seconds to 1 minute until you see dead skin cells peeling off

3. Once you see the exfoliated dead skin cells, wash it off with water

I started using this Exfoliator for 2 weeks now and so far my pimple marks are fading. I used this every night as it is suitable to use everyday (Note: This is not my main regimen for pimples). I have an oily skin and get irritated easily whenever I touch my face without washing my hands. I felt fresh the first day I used this product and I didn’t feel greasy or sticky on my face. Usually I get really sticky whenever I’m sweating due to hot weather. And when it comes to peeling, it doesn’t lliterally peel your skin but it does scrubbed the dead skin on your face. I also noticed I have now less whiteheads and blackheads, my pores got smaller as well. I was a bit hesitant to buy this one because of the brightening part. I was a but hesitant to brightening part because I am not into brightening my whole face but so far only the pimple marks got lighten a little but not instantly. I would repurchased this one in the future.


– Less oily face

– mild lime scent

– can help to reduce blackheads and white heads

– very good as a scrub


No cons 😊


This is only an honest review. This is not even a sponsored πŸ˜‚ I bought this product on my own money.

Beware of Fake Korean Products.

Beware of Fake Korean Products.

WARNING: Gallery contains graphic images that some readers may find disturbing.

Recently, there was a post from a teenager here in the Philippines that gone viral because of how a Fake Korean lip tint destroyed her beautiful lips. Before you purchase products online, make sure it is authentic and safe. I know a lot of people get really tempted to buy cheaper products but buying a very low quality products does it save more money?

Image by:Shayren Mariah CaΓ±iban Corda

Image by: Shayren Mariah CaΓ±ida Corda

The photo above is the fake Korean lip tint that were given to her as a gift last year that cost only $1 or 68 pesos. According to the owner, after 2 weeks of using the lip tint she noticed the tingling sensation and later on it got worse. According to the laboratory where these tints tested, the products contained bacterias which affected her lips.


Korean cosmetics has been popular all over the world, in fact South Korea is the biggest beauty market nowadays. I, myself has been obsessed by lip tints as well because in my opinion they are more convenient and easy to apply. I also decided to try Korean Lip Tint because I heard they are long lastin. I do have a lip tint same brand as Ms. Corda but I bought it for myself and spent almost $6 or 300 pesos (excluding the shipping fee). But mine is not fake, I bought this to an authorized seller that are has direct contact of the shop.

My Holy Grail


Don’t be tempted with counterfeit or fake products. Especially if the products are for skin care, make up or anything that can goes directly into your system or body. I have few fake stuff but skin care, hygiene or cosmetics aren’t included. If you think you can spend less then you are wrong! Worst case scenario, you will spend more money if your health deteriorate by the products you intake or apply. Don’t waste your money! Be observant!

Disclaimer: This is not an sponsored post.

Super Blue Blood Moon (31-1-18)

Super Blue Blood Moon (31-1-18)

Earlier at 9:29 pm there was a Super Blue Blood Moon, it was so huge and beautiful. According to the reports, this lunar phenomenon was last seen in Philippines 36 years ago.

They say it would’ve been better if you are looking at the moon with someone you love lol how I really wish. I witnessed how huge the moon was and how creepy it is. While looking at it I thought “Oh gosh Dracula has risen” πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

A lot of people were excited because they were expecting that the moon would be blue. I did wish it was blue because I would probably be so amazed. Whilst looking at it, I decided to play the song blue moon by Frank Sinatra but then drunk men nearby ruined the moment haha πŸ˜‘.

Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue moon
You knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

– Frank Sinatra

Sunshine Blogger Award :)

Sunshine Blogger Award :)

sunshine-blogger-awardI did not expect to be nominated again for Sunshine Blogger award and this is my 2nd time but 1st nomination for the year of 2018. I am so grateful because even though I’ve been blogging for just 2 months I already got recognized by other bloggers. Now that blogging is becoming an addiction of mine, this nomination gives me such a motivation to do well.

A huge thank you for DD’s blog who nominated me for this award. Please visit her blog at https://liveandlove17.wordpress.com/.

I’ve been following her blog which is helpful as she write about tips and probably that women can relate to. Thank you once again.


The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and links back to her blog.
  2. Answering 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post on your blog.

Answers to DD’s questions:

  1. What encouraged you to start with a blog?
  • Well, a person encouraged me to blog. I wanted to do it back in 2015 but I didn’t really have a courage to do it. Finally, someone gave me a motivation to do it months ago
  1. How long are you blogging for?
  • I’ve been blogging for 2 months now. I posted my first blog last year of November 25 :).
  1. Do you have any special advice for collecting followers?
  • Well, don’t hesitate to blog even you feel kind of stuck and engage to other bloggers to learn more. Be open.
  1. What social networks are you using for advertising blog?
  • I am using Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google plus.
  1. Where do you find inspiration for writing?
  • I’ve been dreaming to write although writing in English is a bit difficult. I am inspired to do blogging because I know there is someone that really believes in me even there are times that I don’t.
  1. How do you like my blog?
  • Every time you post I visit your blog and read sincerely. I like when you write about tips which I kind of relate to because of course I am a girl and there are things that I only have minimal knowledge about LOL πŸ™‚
  1. Describe yourself in three words.
  1. Do you often support your blogger colleagues with your comments/likes?
  • Yes of course. I always do that though.
  1. Where are you coming from (city/state)?
  • I’m from Philippines, so you might not familiar with Cagayan de Oro City πŸ˜‰
  1. What are your three most favourite blogs?
  • This is hard. I don’t have one at the moment though cuz I’ve seen a lot of amazing blogs so it is hard to pick which one.
  1. Your favorite quote/thought …?
  • I have a lot in mind but at the moment this quote stands out “Patience is Bitter but its fruit is sweet” πŸ˜‰
  • Questions:

1. What’s your niche about?

2. What makes you decide to blog?

3. What would you do if you didn’t blog?

4. What would be the advice that you want to give to the new bloggers?

5. If you had a chance to win a lottery, what would you do to the prize?

6. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

7. Do you get pressured about blogging?

8. What’s your favorite dessert?

9. What’s your dream job?

10. What is the story behind your blog name?

11. Name 3 traits that you have.

My nominations:

1. The Things I write – https://farryansari.wordpress.com/

2. Invisible-No-More – https://invisible-no-more.com/

3. Here Comes the Sun- https://reddevil21blog.wordpress.com/

4. Antony Agnel. https://antonyagnel.com/

5. Kirilson Photography – https://kirilson.com/

6. Simple Ula – https://simpleula.com/

7. The godly chic Diaries – https://gcdiaries.wordpress.com/

8. outfit van de dag – https://outfitvandedagblog.com/

9. The nomadic architect – https://sidhujetha.wordpress.com/

10. Smart Diet – http://smart-diet.loveandjoy.net/

11. Life journey with JC – https://lifejourneywithjc.com/

Thank you to those people who are following my blog. And for those who will follow, let’s connect and looking forward to your blogs as well. God bless!


Longing Heart

Longing Heart

How my heart act this way,

it beats so fast like there’s no ending.

I can’t cry nor laugh, He’s inches away from me.

Finally, I’ve met the person that bothers me.

I can hear his breathe,

I can smell his scent,

I can see his breathtaking blue eyes,

I can hear his chuckles and I can finally hear his voice.

Who would’ve thought that I’d be in this heavenly moment.

Small things that make a girl feels like in heaven.

But now you’re thousand miles away,

my heart is longing to your embrace.