5 Disadvantages of working night shift.

5 Disadvantages of working night shift.

Lately, I’ve been really busy as I started working in a call center. I was excited cuz finally I can be able to learn and earn money. I didn’t mind when we were told to work night shift but the thing is, we’re not working in a shifting schedules. I am from Philippines so basically we are working during American time. It wasn’t hard at first but later on you feel you get too sleepy and not having too much energy working at night.


1. Dark circles – I mean dark circles under your eyes 😂. Even I get a lot of sleep during the day, dark circles won’t go away easily. I have natural dark circles but it got worse when I started working.

2. Pimples – pimples are starting to popping out but fortunately in my case, I am too careful these days as I suffered acne before. I tried so hard to take good care with my breakouts and tries so hard to eat less oily foods etc,.

3. Energy loss – like what I said even you get a lot of sleep. It’s still better to work during daytime. Based on my experience, I get a little bit less excited esp when the surrounding is so quiet..less people walking around, I go to work while most people are on their way home.

4. Sleep – sleep habits changed drastically. Most of my co-workers were having a hard time sleeping during day time cuz their body still hasn’t used to it. In my case, oh gosh I sleep right away but lately I had troubles sleeping straight. On and off sleeping sucks.

5. You get sick easily – yes that’s right! You get sick easily compared to working in a normal schedule. I’ve been trying so hard to look after myself but sometimes you can’t escape the consequences. I normally eat 3 times a day of course but nowadays, considering I’m asleep from 7am-6pm..I can only be able to eat when I woke up and during break time at work. The interval of my eating habit changed a lot. I get a bit sicky when it comes to that.

I’m not complaining about my schedule but it’s the reality. Do I wish to work daytime? Of course I do and I hope I will in the future.

I have so much respect to those working at night. It isn’t easy. The fact that you are carrying the stress and pressure in your shoulder at work. Keep going!

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