Beware of Fake Korean Products.

Beware of Fake Korean Products.

WARNING: Gallery contains graphic images that some readers may find disturbing.

Recently, there was a post from a teenager here in the Philippines that gone viral because of how a Fake Korean lip tint destroyed her beautiful lips. Before you purchase products online, make sure it is authentic and safe. I know a lot of people get really tempted to buy cheaper products but buying a very low quality products does it save more money?

Image by:Shayren Mariah Cañiban Corda

Image by: Shayren Mariah Cañida Corda

The photo above is the fake Korean lip tint that were given to her as a gift last year that cost only $1 or 68 pesos. According to the owner, after 2 weeks of using the lip tint she noticed the tingling sensation and later on it got worse. According to the laboratory where these tints tested, the products contained bacterias which affected her lips.


Korean cosmetics has been popular all over the world, in fact South Korea is the biggest beauty market nowadays. I, myself has been obsessed by lip tints as well because in my opinion they are more convenient and easy to apply. I also decided to try Korean Lip Tint because I heard they are long lastin. I do have a lip tint same brand as Ms. Corda but I bought it for myself and spent almost $6 or 300 pesos (excluding the shipping fee). But mine is not fake, I bought this to an authorized seller that are has direct contact of the shop.

My Holy Grail


Don’t be tempted with counterfeit or fake products. Especially if the products are for skin care, make up or anything that can goes directly into your system or body. I have few fake stuff but skin care, hygiene or cosmetics aren’t included. If you think you can spend less then you are wrong! Worst case scenario, you will spend more money if your health deteriorate by the products you intake or apply. Don’t waste your money! Be observant!

Disclaimer: This is not an sponsored post.

29 thoughts on “Beware of Fake Korean Products.

    1. Actually k-beauty are pretty good cuz their ingredients are safe and natural but a lot of people tries to pirate their products. There are tons of kbeauty shops I think like the Faceshop, the body shop and nature republic etc. It is easy to find legit shops 🙂


  1. I had once purchased an eyeliner of some other brand (which I would not like to name) and didn’t know that it was fake. As soon as I applied it, my eyes started burning. I immediately washed it off and threw the product away and swore never ever to buy such cheap products. Thanks for this info here. Its very important to keep in mind while purchasing any makeup products or personal hygiene products. 👍

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  2. This is horrible! I know someone who’s hair fell off after using a fake product that had been labelled as one from a very well known brand. Horrible. Thanks for the warning.

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  3. Lower costs definitely tempt people to buy fake dupes of the same higher priced items, but it is just not worth the risk. If you want a cheaper version of a certain product, look into authentic versions from less expensive brands as opposed to getting fake products. Unfortunately, though, on sites like ebay, a person can sell a product that appears to be authentic without ever stating that it is a fake.

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    1. I totally agree with you. Some people think they can save more money but they aren’t, they might spend more for hospital bills etc when something goes wrong. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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