Exfoliator for oily skin.

Exfoliator for oily skin.

I’ve been struggling with acne for the past 3 years, it started when I gained weight excessively back in 2015. It wasn’t that bad and I didn’t mind back then if I get breakouts or not. I’m a person that is only contented with just a facial soap, toner and a cream. Trust me, I was so lazy to follow beauty regimen and very inconsistent due to my studies but of course that is not an excuse. Looking good was not my priority πŸ˜‚. My pimples got worse when I had my OJT and my thesis study because I had sleepless nights but still I didn’t really mind. Until I looked myself in the mirror and felt like my face was totally a disaster. I had a lot of breakouts and dark spots which made me feel a bit insecure and I promised myself to fix it when I finished my studies. I used several products to minimize my breakouts and pimple marks but didn’t work out to my skin.

Recently, I found this Exfoliator from Avon as my mom has been a huge fan of avon since when I was just a little girl.

Image by: Avon Ph

So I tried this Natural Lime Peeling Exfoliator to lessen my pimple marks. This product cost around $2.69 or 139 PHP. According to the description of this product this is an alcohol free, instant whitening and exoliates without irritating your skin. It can remove light make up and suitable to all types skin. Lime has citric acid that helps skin lighter.

Directions to use:

1. Apply a small amount all over dry face.

2. Massage gently in a circular motion all over face for 30 seconds to 1 minute until you see dead skin cells peeling off

3. Once you see the exfoliated dead skin cells, wash it off with water

I started using this Exfoliator for 2 weeks now and so far my pimple marks are fading. I used this every night as it is suitable to use everyday (Note: This is not my main regimen for pimples). I have an oily skin and get irritated easily whenever I touch my face without washing my hands. I felt fresh the first day I used this product and I didn’t feel greasy or sticky on my face. Usually I get really sticky whenever I’m sweating due to hot weather. And when it comes to peeling, it doesn’t lliterally peel your skin but it does scrubbed the dead skin on your face. I also noticed I have now less whiteheads and blackheads, my pores got smaller as well. I was a bit hesitant to buy this one because of the brightening part. I was a but hesitant to brightening part because I am not into brightening my whole face but so far only the pimple marks got lighten a little but not instantly. I would repurchased this one in the future.


– Less oily face

– mild lime scent

– can help to reduce blackheads and white heads

– very good as a scrub


No cons 😊


This is only an honest review. This is not even a sponsored πŸ˜‚ I bought this product on my own money.

39 thoughts on “Exfoliator for oily skin.

  1. Angel, Do you recommend this product for the T-Zone? I don’t have issues with pimples but the oil on my forehead drives me crazy. What do you think?

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