Be yourself.

Be yourself.

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy these days but blogging didn’t leave me at all 😊. I was a bit bothered as I wanted to post again but at the same time I was distracted with a lot of things.

Since last year, I have been with a lot of interviews and at first I didn’t know what are the process of being interviewed, what are the questions and how to act like a professional without showing your nervousness in front of interviewer. I asked tons of people about tips during interviews so I could prepare, most of them said just “Be yourself”. It didn’t really sink in to me well because I knew I was being myself. Until I kind of tired hearing same advice all over again.

I had interview months ago together with another applicants. It was nerve-racking. I think interviews are kind of scary when you are so serious of getting a job. So, we were interviewed and yes I answered the questions that were being asked and so the other applicants. The thing is you don’t have to pretend just to impress the interviewer. If you don’t know some things that are related to the position you are applying to, just be honest. Showcase what you got and not try to be Mr or Miss knowing it all because most interviewer are likely to look for someone who has the positive attitude as well as the skills that can benefit the company.

I was asked with questions that I had no idea and when I don’t know a right answer I would just simply say “I’m not familiar with that or I have knowledge about that”.

PS. If you have job interviews in the future just be yourself and practice. Practice all the possible questions and try not to be anxious. You’ll get there 😁.

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