Hello! I’m Angel Lou, 25 years old and currently living in the Philippines. I’m environmental science graduate and my advocacy is about environment, I hope to established something to help for indigenous people in the Philippines and also for those children who are suffering from malnutrition..hopefully in the future. Fingers crossed. I also love to share my insights and experiences in daily life. Please don’t be hesitant to check on my blog. Thank you!

I love:

  • Sunset & Moon except for the stars because I am a star 🙂
  • Flower plants that are kinda blue
  • Marine life
  • Book Worm
  • Blue color ( I believe it represents wisdom, loyalty, trust and peace)
  • Ocean and sky
  • Thalassophile (I am not a swimmer but I am obsessed with the ocean)
  • Blue color. Again LOL
  • I love people
  • God gave me a G!! ❤