Honest Review: Witch Hazel facial mist

Honest Review: Witch Hazel facial mist

Using a facial mist can boost your beauty with two spritz when you are in a tropical country or in a cold weather, staying in the office for long hours and traveling that makes your skin very thirsty. If you have a dry skin, oily skin, sensitive or even combination, facial mists is good for you. Facial mists is versatile: you can use it before applying make up, for make up setter, reduce the irritation for sensitive skin, re-hydrate the dry skin, mattify an oily skin and gives you a refreshed looking. I was trying to find facial mists online and found tons of them. Ranging from the branded ones to the cheapest. First, I was focusing on the ingredients of the product as I have started to use organic skin care. It took me a while to decide which brand should I get. When you buy a skin care through online, one of the things you do is check the ingredients and reviews. I stumbled this very cheap that has a lot of good reviews.

Witch Hazel Facial Mist costs around $5.10 or 265 pesos for 100ml bottle.

About the product:

It is claimed that it soothes skin and refreshes skin. According to BeautyMNL;

  • calms, clarifies and hydrates witch hazel water and tea tree extract;
  • refines skin tone and texture with vitamin c and lemon extract;
  • helps relieve inflammation and rid skin bacteria;
  • infused with bright and clean citrus notes for a fresh fragrance.

HONEST Review:

I have never used a facial mist before and I had no idea about their functions. Recently, I was searching about it as I have an oily skin that annoys me every single day, it’s either I’m in a room with an AC or having a very humid day. I bought one through BeautyMNL and tried it myself if it is effective just like what they claim to be or is it just a lip service to attract buyers. It was delivered to me 4 days ago early in the morning. I immediately washed my face carefully and sprayed 3 times on my face. I noticed it felt refreshing, cooling sensation and it has a mild powdery citrus smell that suits my taste. Dang girl! After 2 hours of waiting to check what my face looks like, it looked refreshed, dewy and natural. Based on my experience, it reduced the oiliness on my face and doesn’t have that greasy feeling when you touch it. My skin was smooth and the pimple marks even get lighter. It is indeed effective! I was hesitant about the product because a lot of products online contained a lot flowery words that can catch attention to the buyers. I’m very addicted to this facial mist, I use it after I shower and I even added this for my night skin care routine. The packaging is simple but not a travel friendly as it comes in with a glass bottle. You can refill to a smaller bottle if you have one and if you want to bring this product with you in your travel.


  • Refreshing and cooling citrus scent
  • Good make up setter
  • Dewy and natural finished
  • Reduce oil production


  • Glass bottle – it is heavy to carry in purse.

PS. I will totally repurchased this facial mist in the future. It’s addictive!

DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored post! I bought the product with my own money ๐Ÿ™‚



24 thoughts on “Honest Review: Witch Hazel facial mist

  1. I love reading honest reviews about beauty products. Though I have an acne prone skin I think, according to your review, this product could do good to people with other facial needs. Thank you!!

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    1. I also have acne prone skin, it is suitable for us as well hehe. I noticed I don’t have breakouts using this one and pimple marks get lighter. Thank you for reading tho ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I have acne probe skin that is also dry and I’ve been really interested in trying a witch hazel toner. This mist sounds even better! I’m definitely going to add it to my list of must haves.


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